Diana Martire

Diana Martire

Graduated from the School of Sociology and Politics of SP, post-graduated in Art Therapy by Universidade S Judas Tadeu, course in Art-Rehabilitation at AACD. (Association for Assistance to Disabled Children). He occupied the board of directors of APAP (Professional Association of Plastic Artists of SP) for three terms and was representative of APAP in the Arts Commission of the Secretariat of Culture of the State of SP.

Self-taught in Fine Arts he began painting in oil, when one morning he casually found a box of watercolors that he had brought for his daughters from a stay in Sweden.

Experienced and felt a great emotion: that of a real encounter! Unforgettable!

The fascination with the material, the sensation of water coloring, penetrating the paper, beautiful colors touching and creating new colors...

There was no way to give up watercolor anymore!

The love for transparency, for white paper, as a focus of light, creating a strong visual impact, made the observer also an accomplice.

To the sound of music such as MPB, Bossa Nova, jazz from the Art Ensemble of Chicago, music from the Tuaruegs from Africa, and others that touch their sensibility, sound and gesture dance to the rhythm of hearing and feeling, in a dynamic of creation about the role, as a deity that with its own power, needs to be connected and essentially respected.

  • V Expo Brasil-Japan (Tokyo) - acquisition award
  • I Expo Aquarela Fac. Santa Marcelina - guest artist
  • MASP (SP Art Museum) - Individual expo
  • I Expo Brasil-China (Beijing) São Paulo State Art Gallery
  • Expo Aquarela: Paint, Paper, Water, Brush (itinerant in museums in the State of São Paulo)
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Montevideo - Uruguay - individual expo
  • Paço das Artes de São Paulo - individual expo
  • Gallery 2000 - Northern Illinois University- USA
  • Mexico City Watercolor Museum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Campinas – SP
  • A journey of 450 Years - SESC Pompéia SP
  • Small Large Works – SP - Porto (Portugal)
  • Expo Dialogue - Beijing - China