Bruna Granata

Bruna Granata



Mini CV:


I am a visual artist in training, from São Paulo capital, in the fifth semester of the Visual Arts course at the Centro Universitário de Belas Artes de São Paulo. I graduated from high school at the Pueri Domus Verbo Divino school (2017-2019), in addition to obtaining my English proficiency diploma from the International Baccalaureate (IB), in the English A: Language and Literature course. I am currently studying the intermediate level of Italian at the Instituto Cultural Ítalo Brasileiro (ICIB). I recently worked at the Canadian school as an assistant for artistic activities for children (2021-2022), where I experienced and experienced the context of Brazilian Art and Education. In 2017, I started my artistic production, mainly through drawing and painting, the first with graphite pencils, and the second with watercolor and acrylic paint. My art expanded in the artistic field, reaching other materials, such as India ink, oil, thin and fat tempers, clay, wires and the body itself as well. In this way, these new languages ​​and interests emerged in my field, being photography, performance, engraving and sculpture. Researcher of the human nude, female figures and abstract expressionism in the current contemporary context, I seek, through techniques, to embrace issues related to space and time, the ephemerality of a work, chance, affection and respect for the body, be it physical or no, as well as bringing botany in analogy with the personal and social growth of a woman who lives in the environment in which we live. We can meet on my Instagram.



Instagram: @artsbybru