Celisa de Paula Cunha

Celisa de Paula Cunha

Celisa was born on November 17, 1958, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

She attended, during 1977, the first year of the Visual Arts course at FAAP, having later migrated to the Architecture course and graduated as an Architect and Urbanist at FAUUSP in 1982.

Since 1983 she has been working as a Liberal Professional in her own architecture studio, in the various areas of professional attribution, namely: Industrial Design and Design, Visual Communication, Landscaping, Architecture and Urbanism.

She has always been dedicated to painting, having taken several free courses, experimenting and working in various techniques: painting on porcelain, oil on canvas, watercolor, gouache, dry pastel and oil pastel.

In 2019 she starts to dedicate herself exclusively to watercolor painting on paper. Watercolor means to her the magic of water, allowing her to express the part of her that believes that life can be bright, colorful and beautiful.

She currently lives and works in Cotia, SP, and has numerous works in several private collections.



Tel.: +55 (11) 4703-4955

Cel.: +55 (11) 97561-3932

E-mail: celisapcunha@gmail.com