Iole Di Natale

Iole Di Natale

Italian by birth (1941) arrived in Brazil in 1949 and was naturalized in 1965, after completing Plastic Arts at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, where she has taught since 1969. She is studying specialization in metal engraving at Calcografia Nazionale in Rome (Italy) 1980.

His nearly 50 years of artistic activity are based on weighty productions reflected in solo exhibitions such as 1987 at MASP, 2001 at Museu da Casa Brasileira, 2008 at Espaço Cultural Monte Bianco in São Paulo, abroad 1981 Stuttgart (Germany) in 1996 Torino (Italy) in 2006 Museo Etnografico Gamberina Alessandria (Italy), as well as numerous collectives in Brazil and abroad. In 1984, he received the APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) award for Best Engraver of the Year.

Iole, always interested in providing information and spreading culture, founded the “Ateliê Calcografico Iole” in 1980, open to other engravers and in 1987 the “Núcleo de Aquarelistas FASM” responsible for holding the “1st International Quadrennial of Aquarela FASM” which provided the APCA award for “Best Cultural Action” of 2003 and with the Council of the Aquarelistas Nucleus founds “ABA” in 2006.

Gilberto Habib Oliveira writes: 
 “Iole Di Natale's legacy is the result of an enterprise that began in the 1960s,
when he started the arduous path of his poetic structuring in search of learning and the subject that would sustain 
the will to personify purity, love, subtleties, truth.
Some called it ambitious.... yes but smart enough to know how to pursue discipline,
and patient enough to respect the transforming time that, generously, realizes this ideal in its maturity”.

São Paulo - September 2009

Recent collective exhibitions

2012 - Lo Sport Nell´Arte, Palazzo Salmatoris. Cherasco, Italy

2013 - Fabriano in Acquarello, Nuova Galeria Delle Arti. Fabriano, Italy

2013 - European and Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Art, Bela Engraving, Osaka, Japan

Recent Individual Exhibition

2013 - I taccuini di Iole, Galleria Libreria Mondadori. Alessandria, Italy