Priscila Mainieri


Economist, FAAP, 1990. Visual Arts, Panamericana School of Arts, 2008.

Founded the Ateliê Galeria Priscila Mainieri in 2012.

  • Collaborative and co-participatory space for contemporary visual arts.
  • Promotes exhibitions of independent artists.
  • Offers lectures, debates, and courses.
  • Participates in cultural exchange between Brazilian and foreign artists through artistic residencies in BRAZIL and other countries.
  • Develops and presents her own work.
  • Writes curatorial texts.
  • Teaches watercolor classes.
  • Develops utilitarian products aimed at promoting visual arts.

Watercolor and ink are the most constant expressions in Priscila's work.

Her work raises questions about the relationship between man, as an active social being endowed with the power of decision regarding the way he relates to natural resources and his political and sociocultural interactions. These relationships result in segmented neural networks of direct impact on everything that is organized energetically in the universe. The networks trace, divide, guarantee spaces and times of an ethereal and/or obscure character.


  • Regular watercolor classes with Rubens Matuck (2017 to 2022) and Angeli Arregui (since 2019).
  • 2023 and 2019 Berlinger Mitten Institution: Artistic Residency and exhibition in Berlinger, Germany.
  • 2021 - watercolor workshop with Cesc Farré; Nicolas Lopez; Dario Percy CCallo.
  • 2016-2020 promoted and participated in an Art History course with the philosopher Dr. Denis Bruza Molino.
  • Since 2012 she has participated in individual and collective exhibitions.


INSTAGRAM @galeriapriscilamainieri