Rosane Pertile

Rosane Pertile Schreiner (1961) born in Tapera/RS, but lived from 1968 to 1987 in Victor Graeff. Today he lives in Joinville/SC/Brazil. Art teacher and watercolorist.

Art has always been a way for the artist to connect with her restless essence and the need to be in contact with nature and these characteristics are also reflected in her poetry and painting.

Academic education:

Bachelor's degree and full degree in Drawing and Fine Arts at UPF/RS between 1980-84; postgraduate degree in Brazilian Art History-FAP/PR-CONCED/2008-09. She continued her studies and improved her skills in several courses, including History of Art I, II and III, expressionist painting in acrylic and expressive materials (2009 to 2014) at Casa de Cultura Fausto Rocha. In 2022, after interrupting her professional activities due to health problems, watercolor entered her life during a live with watercolorist PatríciaVargas, captivating her with her 'alla prima' watercolor technique. This enchantment with watercolor generated new research and studies in the search for transparency, lightness and fluidity, all pursued with immense pleasure. She is ready for her original productions, becoming professional in her poetics. The artist is a member of AAPLAJ 2023-2024(Associação dos Artistas Plásticos de Joinville) where she participated in collective exhibitions with watercolors and new projects. She is part of a Collective Exhibition in the Northeast of Brazil for 2023-24, National Watercolor Exhibition: “Translating Dreams ”, with the work “Deslocamento”. He is a member of USK Joinville.

"Watercolor transforms us, heals us from the ills of fast-paced times with constant information. It reconnects us with nature, allowing us to breathe, flow and achieve the lightness and balance we seek so much."



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