Lectures and Workshops

Exchange with groups of watercolorists in Brazil and abroad, study trips and the practice of watercolor.

– USA – Art Students League – New York (with practical workshop) – 1991. org. Ivani Castilho.
– ITALY – Scuola Internazionale di Gráfica di Venezia – Venice (with practical workshop and exhibition) Orientation by Matilde Dolcetti 1992 / 1994 / 1997.
– USA – Dekalby, Illinois, International workshop taught Robert Bornhuetter, Art Director of Northem IIIinois, 1995
– International Workshop given by Italian artist Matilde Dolcetti from Scuola Internacionale di Gráfica di Venezia, on the occasion of the Commemorative Exhibition – 10 Years – Núcleo de Aquatelistas, 1997.
– V Aquarela en Plein Air in Monte Verde, MG, Brazil. Orientation by Iole Di Natale, Norberto Stori and Ermelindo Nardin 1998. org. Ivani Castilho.
– VII Watercolor in Plein Air 2000 Monte Verde, MG. Advisors Iole Di Natale, Antonio Carelli and Sandra Mendes. org. Ivani Castilho.