Sonia Schlee

Sonia Schlee

I started my journey in the world of brushes in 1979, in Sananduva-RS, my hometown, painting with oil. After many years away from paint, I returned to art in 1992, already in Gramado-RS, attending classes in painting on porcelain.

In 1995, I got to know decorative painting. I was delighted with the possibility of rescuing objects, renewing them and transforming them into true works of art.

In 1998, I created the "Atelier Malerhaus". Aiming to always have something new to offer students, I attend courses in Brazil and abroad, seeking constant improvement.

My work has been rewarded with some awards, in Brazil and abroad, both in decorative painting and in artistic painting.

In 2009, I won the title of Certified Decorative Artist (CDA), granted by the Society of Decorative Painters , in the United States. In 2017, she completed the course of Professor of Painting at the Mabel Blanco Art Conservatory, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Watercolors have always enchanted me and, in recent years, I have dedicated myself a lot to them. After taking courses in this area, in Argentina and Brazil, I was definitely captivated. Delicacy, beauty and fluidity are words that come to mind to describe them.

In my daily walks around Gramado, it is not rare for me to look at something and think: "This scene would make a beautiful watercolor!". Every day, more inspiring scenes appear, it's hard to decide what to paint.